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  • Portrait
  • Music
  • Nature and Landscape
  • Documentary
  • Product and Architecture
  • Wedding and other functions
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    I was born in Michalovce ,Slovakia /former Czechoslovakia/. I studied general art at the Folk School of Art Michalovce. As far as I can remember ,photography was always my passion,and,hopefully,it will stay like that. Love and passion of the Greatest Designer of Universe is visible in his creation [ Romans 1:20 ] and I as an insignificant part of Creation ,try to capture the splendor of nature,people's life and their footprints in unique eviroment call the planet Earth . Thank you for your time and enjoy your visit. Other links you may want to visit: www.danmarphotos.blog.com www.reno4u.biz
    www.jw.org www.slovakia.travel/
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  • Documentary coverage
  • Life music performance coverage
  • Weddings
  • Product
  • Portraits studio or location
  • Architecture and interiour
  • Private or public functions
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